What Life users are saying

What Life users are saying:


"LIFE is dazzlingly appealing. Cengage has provided LIFE with awe-inspiring pictures by National Geographic ... It is a communicative book for students to acquire the language with an interesting approach to critical thinking." Mariano Ignacio, Academic Coordinator, CUI, Buenos Aires


“The students found learning about different cultures really interesting. It was nice to use this to engage them in the lessons.” Sophie Chalmers, ILA, Vietnam


"Life is a breath of fresh air in terms of teaching material. The books really reflect how I feel as a teacher and my concerns about the environment and life issues which is far from the usual trite content about the rich and famous found in the other course books currently available." – Helen Keenan, Teacher, Barcelona, Spain


"Life is a mature coursebook for a serious learner who wants to learn real English for use in the real world.  It is so refreshing and a break from the norm of sanitised, contrived and childish content found in other adult ELT coursebooks.  The course respects adult learners as thinking individuals and the inclusion of local and global topics / themes / articles enables teachers to strongly personalise their lessons." – David Valente, Cambridge English Tutor and Assessor for DELTA Module 2, CELTA and YL Extension awards


Life brings people together, has great topics and awe-inspiring photos and videos.” – Jessica Maxwell, Stafford House School, Brighton.


Life has an interesting variety of topics, excellent video links and the grammar is linked to the topics.” – Claire Greenrod, Sherborne School


“When students were first given their Life coursebooks, their reaction was ‘Wow – National Geographic!’.  The students indeed found the NG content and DVD to be the most positive elements of the book.  They also liked its academic nature and found it interesting to learn about the world.” – ADoS, Embassy CES Hastings


“Life keeps students engaged, and is visually appealing, very cultural, with a broad range of topics.” – Andy Lewis, Inlingua Manchester


“It breathed new life into one of our courses, a topic-based skills course.  Teachers started using Life and made use of the visuals.  It gave the course more structure and colour.  The power of the image was exploited by teachers in class.” – Ashleigh Bodell, Language in London


“Life is so much more interesting than other General English coursebooks on the market!  There is something for everyone, and it is all laid out nicely.  The pictures are lovely, and we often use them as a basis for discussion”. – Laura Neale, English in York


“Teachers like the fact Life is fresh and up to date, and in fact doesn’t date easily.  The NG branding is a strong positive feature and the DVD is popular with students and teachers alike.” – Andrew Benz, Cambridge Academy of English


A Breakthrough”

“No other text book offers what this does”

Patricia Abbot-Charles, France


“The readings in Life work really well.  They’re nicely graded and challenging, but not too difficult.  There are good links between the readings and the vocabulary exercises, so everything moves smoothly…”

Martin Rolek, Southampton Language College


“Life has the best lay-out out of all ELT materials that I’ve seen”.

Andy Lewis, Director of Studies at Inlingua Manchester


"The series is absolutely awesome, I feel like I'm travelling when I teach with it!"

Marta Pajak


On the Life website updates: “it’s exactly what is needed. Also, having the audio scripts and readings in Word form is really useful for follow-up and review activities” – Alex Warren, British Study Centres Bournemouth


“Teachers like the DVD, the regularity of the book and the fact that the topics are global with no celebrities” – Alex Warren, British Study Centres Bournemouth


“Bright and colourful, engaging topics and solid grammar reference” – Jonathan Richardson, St Giles Central


“We adopted Life because of the presentation and subject matter. We have academically-focussed students so a book like this is ideal." – Sally Morris, University of Manchester


“Life gives a totally packaged lesson, which minimises preparation time.  It’s interesting, exciting and different with brilliant graphics.” – Bill Martin, Wimbledon School of English


“Visually nice with interesting topics, and the DVD is great. Students engage well with the subject matter. The listenings are good and challenging. The workbook complements the student book well, and the progress tests are appropriate for the units” – Ursula Hawke, Anglo-Continental teacher


“Life is so refreshing and a break from the norm of sanitised, contrived and childish content found in other adult ELT coursebooks.” – David Valente, Cambridge English Tutor and Assessor for DELTA Module 2, CELTA and YL Extension awards.