Course Overview

National Geographic Learning proudly presents Life, an exciting six-level general English course for adults (also available as twelve split editions that combine the Student's Book and Workbook in a single volume).

NGL Life is driven by rich National Geographic content and the fundamental values of inspiring people to care about the planet, celebrating human achievement and exploring diversity. This material is brought together in a design that is unique in an ELT context while the language syllabus surpasses expectations.

  • A practical, competency-based syllabus helps learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and skills through appropriate communicative tasks.
  • Real life lessons model and practise everyday functions, preparing learners to use language in the real world.
  • National Geographic video on the DVD allows teachers to bring lessons to life.
  • The carefully designed Critical thinking syllabus challenges learners to understand texts at a deeper level.
  • Vocabulary is introduced thematically, with additional emphasis on key words and word building in Word focus and Word building sections.

Student’s Book with DVD

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  cover-2.jpg  cover-3.jpg  AdvancedCover_DN.jpg


  •     Engaging tasks with fascinating National Geographic content
  •     Fully integrated National Geographic video for each unit
  •     Review at the end of each unit
  •     Grammar reference with practice activities    

Workbook with Audio CD

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  Life Intermediate WB_1.jpg  Life Upp-Int WB_0.jpg  Life-Adv-WB_cvr.jpg

  •     Further practice and linear progression of Student’s Book contents
  •     Focus on learning skills
  •     Sample IELTS tests allow learners to benchmark their learning

MyLife Online Workbook


  • Approximately 240 interactive activities per level, with 18 different activity types
  • Uses the audio and texts from the print Workbook with new activities for revision and practice
  • Includes new activities for vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking and pronunciation
  • Uses the Student's Book videos with new activities for revision and practice
  • Teachers can set up classes and monitor students' progress in the MyELT gradebook
  • Available as a stand-alone or as a pack with the Student's Book
  • Available now for all levels of Life on the newly updated and tablet-ready MyELT platform
  • Sample screenshots available here


Teacher’s Book with Class Audio CD

Life-Beg-TB_cvr1.jpg  Life-Elem-TB_cvr1.jpg  Life Pre-int TB_0_0.jpg

Life Intermediate TB_1.jpg  Life Upp-Int TB_0.jpg  Life-Adv-TB_cvr.jpg

  •     Detailed teaching notes with lead-ins, additional activities and answer key
  •     Notes on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and useful background information
  •     Photocopiable communicative activities and tests


Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM

  •     Includes IWB tools, ‘zoomable’ pages and easy-to-access audio and video
  •     Create your own interactive tasks with the easy-to-use content creation tool
  •     Show or hide the key
  •     Show justification for the answers to the reading and listening comprehension activities


ExamView® Assessment CD-ROM

  •     Create tests in minutes
  •     Choose from a variety of question types
  •     Make paper or online tests


Split Editions

Life is also available as a 12-level split edition series that combines the Student's Book and Workbook in a single volume.

Beg_ComboSplit_A_Cover1.jpg  Beg_ComboSplit_B_Cover1.jpg  Elem_ComboSplit_A_Cover1.jpg  Elem_ComboSplit_B_Cover1.jpg

Pre_Int_ComboSplit_A_Cover-.jpg  Pre_Int_ComboSplit_B_Cover-.jpg  Int_ComboSplit_A_Cover-Page.jpg  Int_ComboSplit_B_Cover-Page.jpg

UpInt_ComboSplit_A_Cover-Pa.jpg  UpInt_ComboSplit_B_Cover-Pa.jpg  ADv_ComboSplitA_Cover1.jpg  ADv_ComboSplitB_Cover1.jpg