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Getting started with ExamView 8.1

Right click on the ExamView level you want to download below and save the Zip folder to your Desktop or to a folder on your hard drive. Unzip the folder and then open the correct folder for your operating system (Windows or MAC). Unzip the folder ExamView_Content and click on setup. Follow the instructions for installation. Further details are given in the Manual PDF below.

Moving Data Files from Previous Versions of ExamView into ExamView 8.1

Previous versions of the ExamView Assessment Suite software installed to an ExamView folder in the root of your hard drive. However, ExamView version 8.1 installers follow the software industry install path and install into the Program Files\eInstruction\ folder on the PC and the Applications\eInstruction\folder on the MAC. Thus, if you have an earlier version of ExamView on your computer and you install ExamView version 8.1, the application and data files will install to a different location than your previous titles. The document File Management for ExamView v8.1 below will guide you on how to move your data files (banks, tests, and classes) to the new location.

Audio for ExamView

The audio files aren’t linked to the exercises and the tracks need to be played by the teacher. For a full list of audio files referenced by unit, please download the PDF Audio for Life ExamView.

We recommend that you start each test with the listening exercises so that students can listen to the tracks at the same time, then complete the rest of the test at their own pace.

Life Exam View is kept on a secure website for registered teachers.

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